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Exile Panthera Server Rules

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Warning: Failing to Read/Follow these rules may lead to a warning, temporary or permament ban


General Rules

Rule 1.1: No Hacking or scripting.

Rule 1.2: No Duping items.

Rule 1.3: No Combat logging.

Rule 1.4: Air kamikaze is not allowed in any way.


Base Rules

Rule 2.1: Do not build anything within 800m of a trade zone or spawn point.

Rule 2.2: Do not build anything within 250m of a high loot area.

Rule 2.3: Do not glitch into a base or map objects.

Rule 2.4: Do not build Floating bases, they must be accessible by foot.

Rule 2.5: Do not block off access to your safes. Every room has to have a door to access it.

Rule 2.6: Do not remove or add any base objects while being raided.

Rule 2.7: Do not place Territory Flags inside objects. Flag has to be accessible.

Rule 2.8: Do not build on roads or bridges.


Safezone and Sidechat Rules

Rule 3.1: Safezone camping is allowed, but you will lose respect for killing players close to safezone borders.

Rule 3.2: Do not steal vehicles or gear in safezones.

Rule 3.3: Leaving vehicles inside traders over restart will cause them to be unlocked and anyone can take them.

Rule 3.4: English only when using text in side chat.

Rule 3.5: Discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, disability, beliefs, race or ethnicity will not be tolerated.



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